Monday, 15 December 2014

Festive Must Haves

You all know I am a massive fun of shopping, my family and friends are convinced I am addicted and I am sure there is some truth to it! Today I wanted to share with you some of my seasonal must have, and bits and pieces I have recently bought. 

Dobrze wiecie ze bardzo lubie zakupy, rodzina i znajomi uwazaja ze jestem uzalezniona, w czym jest pewnie troche prawdy haha ostanio znow buszowalam po sklepach i chcialam podzielic sie z wami tym co znalazlam, niektore rzeczy sa dla mnie a inne to pomysly na swiateczne prezenty. 

Some of my new cozy jumpers and a knitted water bottle container. Would also make great gifts!

You can't go wrong with warm, cozy socks for winter! And to warm up from within, lemon preserved in rum - perfect for tea with a kick! :)

I love these heatable scented booties! Perfect for a girlfriend or mum :) I might just keep them for myself! 

Kerastase Desnifique - its on the pricey side but I decided to invest in proper haircare for my silver locks! This line is designed to improve hair growth and there is some real science behind it. I will let you know how if it works!
Also my chunky necklace from Zara, its a great statement piece for this season!

I love scented candles - its a girl thing! There is nothing better than warm hot chocolate with a glowing, perfumed candle :) I also picked up the Pecksniff's gardenia soap and dry body oil, and it smells so lovely! I think this would also make a lovely gift for christmas. 

Between all the cooking and rushing around during the holiday season I like to relax with a book, I recently bought Breakfast at Tiffany's which I have been meaning to read forever, hopefully I will find some time soon :)

My DIY Christmas planner, I love to play with arts & crafts when I get a chance :)

More DIY Christmas decorations, you like my snowman? Eyes made out of pepper corns because my daughter ate all of my chocolate decorations haha

YSL Rouge Volupte - a pre Christmas treat from my daughter! The wonderful creamy and hydrating formula is perfect for colder months as it nourishes as it beautifies! It is also lovely scented. 

My ring is from Zara from a couple of months ago, I also have a matching choker. The earrings are an imitation of Dior Mise en Dior whilst I wait for Santa to bring me the real ones I have found these little beauties at Claire's for about £10!! But I still want the real ones Santa !! 

If you are short of gift ideas there is always the option of gift card as a way out - because I love shopping so much I personally love getting gift cards, especially for my favourite stores! I recently found a website which allows you to buy as well as sell unwanted gift cards! Have a look here!

Hope you all have smooth and peaceful festive preparations! Till next time :) 
Beata x


  1. All of this looks so cozy! I want those hot boots!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. So many lovely gifts, Beata! The earrings are beautiful, I love pearls. And I need to order a pair of heatable booties for Alena,

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thanks Annette, my daughter saw them and claimed them already haha such a great idea! Hugs x

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